What We Do

A Social2B approach is not just about a campaign which starts with defining your company’s goals. After listening to and understanding your vision for the brand, we become stakeholders in your success by analyzing and establishing objectives for your target audience, products or channel. We help companies make Social Media a sustainable asset, while arming them with the necessary skills and infrastructure to scale their Social Media and Marketing presence.

Strategy Social2B helps your business build an integrated social media marketing strategy to help your brand successfully reach and engage with your audience. Each strategy revolves around Metrics and Measurements unique to your company and aligned with your Goals and Objectives. We begin with an audit of your firm’s online — and offline — presence. Using the concepts of our own Social Value Chain model, we strategize to streamline and socialize all aspects, departments and processes of your business – from HR to customer service to sales and marketing – and help you navigate this complex and fast-changing landscape. Your clients are already discussing your brand. Your message must optimize these discussions. Whether you want to take your first steps into the social media space or are already an old hand, we at Social2B use our experience as industry leaders to create a strategy to deliver successful social media marketing campaign, leading to tangible results – increased visibility, more highly targeted, quality traffic, and improved lead generation.


Implementation We help organizations transition to a new way of marketing – engaged, interactive, insightful, highly responsive, and scalable. Social2B helps you implement a fundamental change in the way you market your business to develop a culture of interaction and responsiveness. Social2B is your strategic partner: we use our marketing and technical skills to develop a custom marketing platform which is perfectly tailored to your business; identify your target market and gain insight into your customers’ habits; make sure your customers can find you through the smart use of Search Engine Optimization and Social Footprint strategies; unite your customers into a cohesive online community; identify and woo brand ambassadors and gain the influence that no paid advertising can match; and much more. All this is carried out in meticulously planned stages from initial concept to execution,  supported by management & monitoring.


Technology & Integration We enable you to build an integrated marketing platform with a focus on interactivity and ‘shareability.’ Social2B’s team of web developers and social technology integrators works closely with you and our content development team to realize your business’ potential through the creation of a custom integrated marketing platform that is fully scalable, interactive, and user-centered, with an emphasis on socialization. Our team of strategists and technologists understand your business’ need to integrate with legacy platforms as well as social and mobile technologies. Social2B provides numerous technical services including Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Web-based Services and Applications, SEO &SEM, integration with legacy platforms, Customer Experience Systems, and a lot more. We know exactly what you need to get your business on top and reach your target audience.


Research & Analytics Monitor your prospects’ and customers’ attitudes. Stay one step ahead of the competition. One of the principal benefits of social media as a marketing tool is the ability to act in real time to adapt and hone your strategy. But in order to do that, you must listen to what your customers are saying about you. At Social2B we do this using own unique tracking tools, and metrics to listen first and engage second. But using the right tools is only a part of the success formula – you need to justify and map your Social Media successes to the overall company goals and objectives. You need to educate your C-Level Suite on the value of Social Media channel. You need to integrate your Social Media strategy and execution into the overall Marketing discipline.

Proactive Sentiment Tracking

Until recently, the only real way to measure your firm’s success was through tracking sales, leads, and conversion rates. But with the explosion of the social web we can now track, in real time and in detail, your customers’ precise attitudes toward your brand. We make use of a range of unique tracking tools to constantly monitor the social web and measure sentiment toward your brand, allowing you to be confident of your brand’s online reputation.

Competitive Intelligence

We use analytics tools and tracking software to identify your market rivals’ strengths and weaknesses and improve competitive intelligence, helping you to get noticed ahead of your competitors and increase your market share.



Social2B allows you to “smart source” (outsource) your social media presence to people who share your brand’s vision and are able to communicate it authentically. Outsourcing your social media marketing presence to Social2B allows you to seamlessly add social media to your marketing mix without having to re-engineer your business, hire new people, or lose valuable time training people to use it properly. Most importantly, your key staff members and resources will not have to spend most of their day “socializing” – our Smartsource team does it on their behalf – staying true to your business message and guidelines. The benefit – your company is constantly “heard” across the important social media platforms where your prospects and customers spend their time, without loss of staff productivity!


Content Management

Social2B provides meaningful, relevant content that will get you heard above the din of the internet. The Social2B team of highly skilled specialized content creators can help you cultivate word-of-mouth momentum with content that will carve a space for your brand in the social web, greatly increase visibility, and deliver value to your customers and target market. Our scalable methodology enables us to get under the skin of your business and effectively get across your company’s vision, message, tone, timbre, intent and goals: we do the “socializing” for you on a wide array of platforms – from social networks, to blogs, comments, and social bookmarking sites, etc. S2B does all this by developing strategy, technical solutions, SmartSourcing relevant content, and providing your business with the infrastructure to make a seamless transition into the social media space with a focus on long-term growth. We are there every step of the way–seeing your project from concept to completion and looking out to maximize ROI by delivering real, tangible results.