Tool Management, Deployment and Selection Process

Social Media Tools Review.

Tool Management, Deployment and Selection Process

Our social media consultants and industry experts have the necessary experience with social media tools and the surrounding disciplines to offer our clients everything from a successful social media platform strategy to complete digital campaign management. We use cutting edge social media management tools to help our clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their message. At Social2B we can connect multiple social media channels into one manageable location. These management tools allow the content manager to easily manage social data and quickly publish content to an array of different channels while having the ability to customize content to suit each network.


What’s The Next Step for You?


Our team at Social2B carefully studies the existing processes of a company and then enhances these processes by strategically optimizing them with the use of the most effective social media optimization tools. Our experienced team will also integrate a range of methods, policies, metrics, software tools and social media analytics tools; that will allow our clients to market their products and services more efficiently and effectively. Our management system gives clients a clear and aggregated view of what’s happening and how to effectively utilize social media marketing tools to capitalize in their industries.


Making Social Media Tools Work for You


At Social2B, we have a clear understanding of the power of social media and all affiliated social media tools. Integrating social media into an overall marketing campaign is the key to establishing an important following and developing a brand identity, but every business needs to have a clear strategy in place in order to convert every single social media lead. Social media measurement tools play an integral role in the monitoring of any digital or social media campaign. With the ability to measure and assess the impact of a campaign, we can determine the best area to invest resources and ultimately improve ROI.


Social media monitoring tools also offer us the ability to specifically adapt each and every campaign to ensure the best possible results. Our top industry professionals have a wide range of social media listening tools at their disposal and can use these important and hugely effective tools to ensure client success.


Some of Our Favorite Social Media Tools:

  • Monitoring Tools – SocialReport, SocialMention, Vocus, Trackur, Raven and RavenSEO
  • Reporting Tools – SocialReport, WebTrends, Raven, and SiteCore.
  • Integration of email and Social Media Tools – eWay Direct, YESMail
  • Marketing and Social Media Platforms – Elgg, ECHO, Eloqua, Custom Built and Integrated components for Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare, YouTube, Vimeo
  • Social Media Publishing or CMS Platforms – Butterfly Publisher, SiteCore
    Mind Mapping – MindManager
  • Project and Campaign Management – 37Signals, Jira, MS Project, MindManager
  • Automation – Marketo (B2B)