What We Look For

We seek out promising Social Media & Mobile companies all over the world! We are global and we believe that Social Media and Mobile solutions can make this world a better place by enhancing business models and helping consumers make educated decisions. We believe that Social Media is not just another ‘bubble’, but a signal to the Enterprise to become more client centric and more responsive – as brands and as socially responsible citizens.

If you share our beliefs, talk to us today!

We seek out Social Media & Mobile platform companies  in need of a ‘second-stage Accelerator’ in order to grow and scale their company, technology or vision. We help grow, advise, introduce, co-brand and promote to ensure sufficient capital is available for our Member Companies at every stage of their growth. We are a Virtual Accelerator – as a Member Company you can be co-located with us at one of our Accelerator locations, or operate from your offices anywhere in the world. We look for companies in the following areas of Social Media & Mobile Platform solutions:

  • Product
  • Tool
  • Service
  • Widget
  • Application
  • Platform
  • Socially-enabled business model
  • All of the above must be applicable to an Enterprise or B2B / B2C environment


Candidate Member Company Criteria

The Member Companies we are looking for must meet the following criteria:

  • Company must be formed and operating
  • You are past early stage development of the company and ready for scaling further
  • You may be an approved/budgeted academic research program
  • Exceptionally strong (core) management team
  • Must be Enterprise-focused, B2C or B2B application or mobile solution
  • Company has a working prototype or an early stage platform with demonstrable Milestone achievements
  • Company has 1st mover advantage, patentable or unique content, process, Intellectual Property (IP), or contractual lock-in agreements
  • A high-level Business Plan is completed
  • A high-level Financial Plan is completed
  • A high-level Marketing Plan is completed
  • Had a Founders / Friends & Family Investment between $50,000 and up to $150,000 (ok if higher)
  • Company has a pre-money valuation of between $1/2 million to $5 million
  • Have a Social media platform, product, widget, app, tool, service, etc. with Enterprise B2C or B2B applicability
  • Have done significant market research & have a defined targeted market(s)

We partner with Member Companies which are passed the initial seed stage of development and are seeking acceleration and maturity. The stages are:

  • Pre-Sales, Post-Seed Stage
  • Post-Sales Acceleration Stage
  • Operational Lift-Off Stage

S2B Labs provides different levels of support at each stage of a member company’s development. Across all stages, S2B Labs is extremely hands-on and active in the member company’s growth processes, financing, marketing, and strategic partnerships. We work closely with the founders to enhance the Go-to-Market strategy, the business model, the technology strategy and their implementation plan. As the company matures, S2B Labs takes on more of an advisory / mentoring role, watching carefully for common dangers and assisting the company in building its internal resources and preparing for a successful exit.