What We Do

accelerator  ac·cel·er·a·tor (āk-sěl’ə-rā’tər) 

1.  One that increases rapidity of action or function.

2.  A nerve, muscle, or substance that quickens movement or response.

3.  A catalyst.

(American Heritage Dictionary)


S2B Labs is the premier, New York City based, Social Media Accelerator focused on increasing the chances of successful exit and development of the most promising companies in the area of Social Media and Mobile innovative technologies and business models.

Examples of companies we seek to accelerate:

• Social Media Solutions for the Enterprise

• Social Media platforms & tools for B2C and B2B markets

• Social Media Marketing platform companies

• Mobile applications companies


The S2B Labs focus is to Accelerate core Social Media platforms on which the future digital business models rest, by surrounding promising entrepreneurs and more experienced innovators with a robust team of advisers and resources, providing just-in-time knowledge, capital, partnerships & wisdom culled from many years of experience.

S2B Labs is the ‘second, or later stage’ Accelerator company, seeking more mature member company partnerships, and interested in accelerating their initial success and developing a sustainable and repeatable business success formula. We achieve that by surrounding member companies with the appropriate and critical resources they need at later stages of their development.

All of our Portfolio Member Companies have products, tools or services that are applicable to the Enterprise and Enterprise Social Media, and have unique, commercially viable, revenue generating applications.

Through years of personal and professional industry contacts, our management Team and our Advisory Board have broad and deep relationships which are leveraged by our member Companies.

As an Innovator and a second-stage company, your solutions and products will be introduced to a range of Enterprise clients, representing the world’s largest brands. You will also take your Social Media and Mobile solutions to consumer markets with new strategies, proven methods and supported by sound advice.

We mentor, advise, develop, finance, market, and prepare our Member Company Partners for market share capture and successful exits – and we make sure the business plan stays in focus, thus minimizing the risk for the investor community.