Service Offerings

Surrounding promising entrepreneurs with a robust team of Advisors and resources providing just-in-time knowledge & wisdom culled from many years of experience, reduces the risks and complexities of starting a new Social Media platform company.

Member Companies are surrounded by the resources they need at each stage in their development. The 3 key stages of support we give to an S2B Labs Member Company are: Pre-Sales Seed Stage Post-Sales Acceleration Stage Operational Lift-off Stage

S2B Labs provides different levels of support at each stage of a Member Company’s development. At the pre-Sales Seed stage through Post-Sales Acceleration stage, we are extremely hands-on and active in the Member Company’s common startup processes and working closely with the founders to perfect the GoTo Market strategy, the business model, the technology strategy and their implementation plan. As the company matures, S2B Labs takes on more of an advisory / mentoring role, watching carefully for common dangers and assisting the company in building its internal resources.

The following page(s) contain a representative sample of the Services Offerings provided to Member Companies in the Social2B Labs Accelerator.
As a member Company in the Social2B Accelerator, these services are available to our Member Companies in a variety of ways, based upon the need.

All services are provided by S2B Labs either directly or through our partners. Pricing for the Services below varies, based on the Accelerator Program that the Member Company participates in.

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Finding the delicate balance of market share and revenue growth necessary to satisfy the shifting demands of the markets
  • Product / Offering strategy & tactics
  • Business Plan Development
  • Financial Plan development
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Legal
  • Patent
  • Corporate
  • Receptionist
  • Copying, faxing, Mailing, Courier/Shipping, Mailing Address, etc.
  • Conference Rooms and Furniture
  • High-speed internet, phone / telecommunications
  • Physical space – X square feet per employee or fixed size space
  • Market Strategy, Business Plan Development, Governance, Competitive Strategy, Market Alignment
  • Marketing Support
  • Market Acceptance Analysis, Co-branding, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing strategy
  • Video production support
  • Migrating the member Company platform, product or tool for Enterprise Scalability
  • Social Media Smart Sourcing - Outsourcing
  • Global Social Media Marketing Campaign management
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Channel Strategy, Direct versus Indirect Sales, Online Sales, etc.
  • GoTo Market Strategy & Tactics
  • Product / Offering strategy & tactics
  • Business Plan Development
  • Financial Plan development
  • Utilization of our Onshore & Offshore teams with expertise in:
  • Project Management of distributed teams
  • Development of Web Platforms, Apps, Widgets, etc. using JAVA, JavaScript, php, SQL, Mobile, WordPress-MS, HTML, CSS
  • Testing Platforms for the above
  • World-class Websites / Minisites
  • Social Media profiles
  • Packaging (software, tools, products, etc.)
  • Corporate Identity (logo, brochures, letterhead, marketing promotions, etc.)
  • Valuation Planning
  • Forecasting & Financial planning
  • Exit Planning & Strategy
  • Deal Negotiation support