You provide us with the means to accelerate our Innovators and their companies to reach excellence and market share in the Social Media target markets that they shape and lead. Investors, institutions, venture firms, individuals and other Accredited Investors interested in gaining an inside view into the leaders in the Social Media world and where the future is heading, join us to contribute capital, resources, experience and support. An Accredited Investor is a person or entity that meets the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to participate in the sale of private placement, unregistered securities.

We are currently seeking active Investors, Angels, and Partners that wish to get first-view of the leading Enterprise & Mobile Apps, widgets, platforms and tools and who will join us as active or passive partners.

Options include investing in:

  • Individual Member Companies in S2B Labs
  • The S2B Labs Accelerator LLC
  • Rights Offerings

Please navigate to our Contact page and fill out the Contact form, selecting your interest as a potential Investor.